17 February 2009


The Elegance scarf that I've been working on has been set aside, because I've spent the past few days organizing my stash and cataloging what I have. It's not as impressive as I thought it was! It looks so impressive in bins on the shelf, but once I went through and actually counted, it's not a whole lot. I did skip some items, like my half skeins of Homespun which I will never use again because I hate hate hate it. I have an entire bin of old acrylics that I use for amigurumi, and it's not even worth cataloging. I might actually thin out that stash a little bit.

I just ordered some Shine and Comfy from Knit Picks. I'm waiting, waiting, waiting and can't wait to get it. I want to make a cozy little blanket for Ian. I haven't knit anything for him! I feel like such a bad mommy.


igi said...

i want to learn crochet so i can do amigurumi.
I love knitpicks shine, but i haven't tried comfy yet.

tralatrala said...

crochet is really easy, but I do have problems switching back and forth.

I can't wait for my yarn to arrive!!!!