20 December 2007

one down

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I finished up one of my stalled projects. Also it seems I only had 6 hibernating projects. I forgot I pulled out yarn and bagged it with a pattern for a project for a friends daughter. I'm saving that for last!

One down Five to go. This guy was a test run. I started crocheting right after Christmas last year, and I immediately loved making little critters. I was gobbling up various patterns from Etsy, but wanted to see what I could do one my own. I figured this would be easy peasy, it's all spheres! And I was right. It really took about a total of a 8 hours to complete. The eyes are felt with safety teddy eyes. I had to sew them on because the "head" was already completed when I made the eyes. I also find it really hard to place eyes before the things are stuffed and pieced.

19 December 2007

it's a start

I decided to finally make the move, I'm pulling my crafty talk out of my regular blog (in hopes of not boring the snot out of friends).

I've been working my way through some old projects. I recently organized all my half finished projects and either bagged them up or frogged 'em. I have seven unfinished projects. SEVEN! How do I let these things happen!? And they're mostly small. I get distracted so easily.