24 January 2009

Messed up already!

Oy, I've already messed up the hat. It's not a huge deal, it just annoys me. The pattern calls for a slip stitch, k2tog, pass slip stitch over, and I forgot to pass the slip stitch about 4 times. I had to k2tog in the next round, so there's small holes where there shouldn't be. Hopefully when it's done and it's all slouchy the holes won't show! Fingers crossed!

22 January 2009


Man I haven't posted in some time. I went and had a baby and stopped knitting for a year. Most people knit like crazy when they're pregnant, I unfortunately ended up with such bad carpal tunnel that my hands would go numb after 2 minutes of knitting. I'm currently working on this beret. I've wanted a slouchy hat for a long time now and I decided to give it a go. I only get through 4 rows or so a night but hopefully I'll get it done before the seasons change! WIP pics to come.