02 January 2008

crafty resolutions

I'm not doing typical resolutions this year. They always turn out the same, "lose weight, get healthy," "save more money," "get organized." I'm slightly neurotic when it comes to most things in life so my goal setting on a routine basis is enough to control most of those general topics. My main resolution for 2008, finish the knit projects that I start, don't start projects I know I will fall out of love with, and knit a damn sweater already. I've been doing this knitting thing on and off for 5 years now, and, excluding hats, I haven't knit anything that wasn't square. How boring! In 08 I'm going to branch out, explore new yarns, and textures and see where it takes me. There are also some new techniques I want to try, like knitting on two circulars because lord knows dps drive me nuts!

I have a project that I'm about half way through at the moment, but I can't really post images of it, because it's for a soon to be little human, who's mama may read this and who is definitely a friend on Flickr so you know, the debut of that project will be sometime after it is mailed off and opened by the mama-to-be. I've decided that the baby blanket I was griping about in the previous entry will get finished, but it's going to be my "second" project so it will probably be done in 2012, and lord knows what I'll do with it. I might just keep it for posterity!

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